Treatment Services

We provide few unique services which no other de-addiction cum rehabilitation centers provide. This makes us best deaddiction centre not only in Jodhpur , but also in complete Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and other states of India.

Ambulance facility is provided for patients who need this facility.

Out patients Department (OPD) :
OPD service is available for patients who need treatment without admission. OPD consultation is available with prior appointment only.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Individual therapy, Group therapy, Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous.

Half way home:
Half way home service is for patients who have already completed primary treatment and motivated enough to move out of rehab. During rehab, they could go to their work place and come back in evening.

Drug Detoxification:
Alcohol, Opioid, Cannabis, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, LSD, Nicotine and Inhalant Detoxification.

Rapid opioid detoxification:
In rapid opioid detoxification (ROD) oral opioid antagonists are administered along with moderate sedation orally or sedation intravenously. The goal of addiction treatment is to have patients functioning optimally in their families and communities and decrease the stay in rehab center.

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